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Coaching is a unique, empowering relationship; an alliance designed to support your highest well being. My programs are developed for those who are sober and/or in recovery from a substance or process addiction.  as well as those experiencing grief, loss, or major transition.

As a She Recovers Designated Coach, I stand by the philosophy that "We are all recovering from something." Whether that's re-framing our relationship to alcohol or drugs, transitioning out of a relationship or just exploring our deepest desire for happiness.

“Sobriety” and “Recovery” can be defined in multiple ways. Your story is unique: I'm here to partner with you without judgment or discrimination.

Some topics covered in my programs are: Self Love, Self Care, Mindfulness and Meditation, Relapse prevention, Resources for Success, Barriers and Blocks, Eliminating Shame, Affirmations and Energy.

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Recover and Rise Programs

We are all recovering from something - and we can all benefit from personalized, intuitive, compassionate support. No matter where you are on your journey, I'm here for you. Coaching services include but are not limited to: individualized relapse prevention plans; exploring an alcohol/substance free lifestyle for the sober-curious; mindful meditation instruction and practice enhancement; establishing core values and living in alignment; overcoming shame and embracing radical self-love.

Together we will co-create a program tailored to your success and designed to move you towards your goals!

$199 for four weekly sessions
Ask me about sliding scale prices!

Were you meant to have MORE in life?

Are you in recovery from substances such as drugs or alcohol?

Are you going through a divorce, grief or loss, job transition, or other major life change?

Do you want someone to walk with you on your journey to a healthier, more meaningful life?

 Your heart is speaking and you're ready to listen....ready to move towards MORE PURPOSE, MORE MEANING, MORE LOVE.

If you're ready (or even if you're not sure you're ready!) to explore your heart's desires, I'm ready to support you in the process.

As a life and recovery coach, I will work with you to reconnect with or uncover your deeper purpose. Breaking through barriers like shame and fear, you'll discover your intrinsic wholeness - the courage and self-love that's always been inside of you.

Benefits of Working Together

Explore mindfulness as a means to a more purposeful life.

Co-create an effective, customized plan for relapse prevention.

Cultivate Self Forgiveness, Self Compassion and Self Love while eradicating shame and fear.

I will provide support and accountability during transition or major decision as an integral part of your system.

Ask About Sliding Scale Prices!

Take the first step and get ready to Rise to your potential!

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