You may recall my blog post gushing about the magical experience I have every summer at She Recovers Yoga Retreats. (If not, read it. You will want to sign up ASAP.) It sounds hyperbolic, but I’d live my life traveling from one retreat to the next if I could. In fact, I’ll be back at Stowel Lake Farm indulging in Taryn’s daily yoga and savoring Heidi’s luxurious meals exactly 3.5 weeks from today. I’m daydreaming and drooling already.

The retreat lasts only 5 days; nowhere near long enough. And while I revel in every minute of it, returning home with a revitalized soul and cleansed spirit, there’s always a part of me that feels a bit empty when it’s over. While on retreat, I make around 20+ new close friends, and then on day 5 – boom – I’m physically separated from them. Driving off the ferry onto Vancouver Island, I go my way; they go theirs. Many of us keep in touch (and I’ve personally visited 5 people on multiple occasions since) but our individual lives go on. No more cozying up on couches over lavender chocolate chip cookies and tea in the evening; no more sleepy smiles in the morning over a sacred cup of island coffee; no more sighs of contentment, tears of grief, or sobs of joy heard across a yoga studio brimming with the empathy of recovering women.

Unless you live within a few miles of someone in the group, the only option until recently has been to sign up for as many retreats, events and conferences as possible, and stick close to the She Recovers Together Facebook group.  This virtual sisterhood suffices as a temporary bridge sustaining us year to year. (This group is secret…if you want to join, let me know.)

Social media can be a dangerous labyrinth, but I’m a proponent of online support groups that have leadership with integrity and a positive, genuine vibe; She Recovers Together has these in spades. But we all know the interwebs can never replace the face to face, eye to eye, energetic connection that live, in person encounters provide.

You just can’t hug a sister through a screen.

That’s why I’m fanatically eager to announce She Recovers Sharing Circles are popping up all over the place. As in, all over the WORLD.

From the U.S. to Canada to Australia, women recovering from the whole spectrum of life’s challenges are gathering together in coffee shops, yoga studios, cafe boardrooms and more; uniting in sisterly sangha to connect, support and empower one another

These aren’t your typical peer support groups.

Sharing Circles are facilitated by certified, designated She Recovers Coaches – which is a bonus, but not the only factor that makes them so incredibly beneficial and special. It’s the dynamism of the group itself.

When women join in the spirit of She Recovers guiding principles, a vital, charismatic healing energy is generated. Whether we sit quietly, actively listening to one another, or participate in therapeutic arts and crafts, Sharing Circles are a sacred space in which we honor our authentic selves and all the parts of our recovery journey – together.

Each month has a topic and every Sharing Circle will follow the theme. That means 12 times a year, hundreds to thousands of women will be discussing common subjects and supporting each other through similar situations, achievements, and obstacles. Delighting in each other’s joy; sharing in each other’s pain.

I don’t think I need to use any space in this blog to propagate the truth that connection is essential to recovery. Instead, I’ll just direct you to the Sharing Circles, and let you discover for yourself.

All Sharing Circles will be listed on the She Recovers Website very soon. As in, this week. (On that note, all types of events are listed there, as well as all of the coaches!)

But if you can’t find them yet on the website, you can search “She Recovers Sharing Circle” on Facebook – they all have closed but not private Facebook group which is used to announce the local monthly event. Here’s an example of Meg Lewis’ Circle in Lehigh Valley, PA.

The group I’ll be facilitating is She Recovers Sharing Circle Bellingham. If you’re local to this region of Washington State, please join the group! Our first event is Saturday June, 29th.

Email me for further details or any questions.

If there’s not yet a circle available in your area, don’t fear. More are coming. Some areas also have She Recovers Meetup – a more casual type of gathering for local women to connect, empower and support each other.  (Find on the meetup app! Just search She Recovers. Meetup is free to join!).

Oh – one more thing! The She Recovers Creating Connections Tour is on the road as we speak! They’ll be in Seattle in September.

See you in a She Recovers Sharing Circle soon!


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